Jan 22 2017

Lost In Manboo – Living In Japan’s Cyber-Cafes

YouTube sometimes throws videos my way that are a departure from the usual gaming and tech, yet aren’t too far off that mark at the same time. In this case, a suggested video from Euronews on the subject of people who, for whatever reason, live inside of cyber-cafe’s in Japan. Rather than having an actual home or apartment, they instead rent time and space at these digital dens, keeping their lives as simple as possible – at least, from the outside.

This video is about two particular people who, at the time of filming, were living in a cyber cafe known as Manboo (more on that location in the future as I do more research). Masata, a 39 year old webmaster who has lived in Manboo for 2 years, and Hitomi, a 23 year old woman who has lived in Manboo for only 2 months, and works in the “night world.” From context, it appears she may provide semi-legal services of a sexual nature. It’s rather sad to hear her talk about herself, given the context and the implications of what she says, seeming pretty much lost in the world around her.

Indeed, people like this seem lost by society as a whole. Sure, they still function in the world, but you wouldn’t call their lives normal. That isn’t a bad thing by default, but it makes you question why living in a cyber-cafe would be better than having your own place, from a deep psychological point of view. It’s a mixed public reclusiveness that I might study more on in the near future. I can quite relate in some ways.

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