Feb 22 2017

March 2017 Xbox Live Games With Gold

You know the drill, a new month, a new set of 4 games, 2 for the Xbox one, and 2 for the Xbox 360, free with your Xbox Live Gold subscription. They may not always be the best games, but they don’t cost you anything extra beyond the price of the service (hence the use of the term “free”) and what harm would trying them out do, right?

Let’s get into it!

Xbox One

Layers of Fear

A horror game where you are a Victorian era painter and everything around you is coming to life in horrible ways? Right, this might be fun.. if this was Halloween. Seriously, why are these not the October games? Ah well, I might check it out. Okay, maybe not, but you never know.

Evolve – Deluxe Edition

This would be the big Xbox One game this time around – The story of Evolve is a long, complex, and somewhat sad one in gaming, not because it’s a good game that didn’t get credit it deserved, but instead that it was a DLC laden clusterfuck that eventually became free to play, and is now basically dead – or so my understanding is. I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

Xbox 360

Borderlands 2

Coming a year the first game in the Borderlands series was given free with gold, here comes Borderlands 2. I don’t have much to say here – I already own the complete collection on the 360, with all of the DLC discs and the like, but it will be cool to have it digitally so I don’t have to use the disc when I play. I wonder if it will be like the first game, and when playing on the Xbox One you will have all the DLC provided free.

Heavy Weapon

Ah, a more classic arcade styled game, from the looks of it. To the point side scrolling combat action. Not bad looking at all. I don’t have much to say on that front.


And that’s that. Another month, another set of games. My library is growing stupidly large thanks to all these titles – not that I’m complaining. Ya never know when you might want to play something…

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