Apr 27 2016

May 2016 Xbox Live Games with Gold

Microsoft released the new Games With Gold video for the month of may, and sadly, I have to say this months Games With Gold listing is not as good as it could be. The titles present don’t look bad, but at the same rate, they don’t strike me as anything to leap for. Let’s look at the video.

Xbox One

Defense Grid 2

A tower defense title, Defense Grid 2 looks like it will be a fun little casual pop in, pop out kind of title. My only problem with such games is that their difficulty constantly increases and at a point you can do nothing to help yourself beyond in many cases getting lucky with a good round. It’s a flaw in strategy games that simply cannot be helped; you only get so much to work with, which is the key mechanic in such games. I’ve heard good about Defense Grid 2, so we will see what comes of this when I get around to playing it.

Costume Conquest 2

Odd that a title with a Halloween theme would be released in May. Whatever case, Costume Conquest 2 looks to be quite the random, quirky little treat. I’m a sucker for most anything Halloween themed, and something like this, that would take me back to my favourite time as a kid, will hopefully be a fun game to play through.

Xbox 360

Grid 2

*yawn* Another racing game? Look, I know it’s a popular genre – Heck, there are a few racing titles that even I absolutely adore and wouldn’t trade for anything, but after the fiasco last year that was Forumla 1 2013 as a free Games with Gold title, I have my misgivings about this. Of course, this looks to be a more street-race title, and those tend to be a little more my style, so, maybe I shouldn’t judge a game by its genre.


Ah, an absolute classic in more recent puzzle games. I happen to be fond of the basic idea of Peggle (I played one of the many clones of it on Facebook for a time) and I do think it will be nice to have it available to me for free, but I know not everyone who plays on the Xbox 360 or the Xbox one will be into it. Personally, though, I’m happy to see it hit the list, and know I’ll enjoy it, for sure.

So, really, how bad will this month be? Not too terrible, but far and away a weak game assortment. I never turn down a free game, though, and neither should you. At least give some of em a try. You never know what you might enjoy playing!

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