Apr 22 2017

May 2017 Xbox Live Games With Gold

A very Star Wars heavy game set for May, the Games With Gold program actually seems to be providing a damned fine set of games this month in comparison with previous months releases, many of which have been average at best. This time around we get 2 Star Wars games, and 2 others, which we will go onto detail now.

Xbox One

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams – Directors Cut

Ah, Giana Sisters – a game series that started back on the Commodore 64 as a legendary clone of Super Mario Bros (and later thanks to Nintendo putting a stop to it became one of the most pirated games of all time). The Twisted Dreams game is one I haven played a decent bit of on Steam, and the gameplay video doesn’t do it justice – it actually is a pretty top quality, albeit difficult platformer. Certainly worth trying out!

Lara Croft – Temple of Osiris

What is this, a Gauntlet-styled Tomb Raider game? Hell, this might actually be fun! Who knows. The only Tomb Raider games I really liked was the 2013 reboot, and I’m certain once I get it I would enjoy Rise of the Tomb Raider, but beyond that I don’t care for the series. Perhaps this will be a nice enough offshoot to have fun with, I don’t know. Looks like it might be good though.

Xbox 360

Star Wars – The Force Unleashed 2

So, the original Force Unleashed was a free game a few months ago, and I have it a bit of time and honestly, didn’t like it much.  The idea was sound but actual gameplay was rather annoying – do this, do that, die a bunch of times, have no clue what’s actually happening because the camera doesn’t help you, and all in all the game, for it’s first mind-numbingly long level, just droned on and on.. maybe the second one will be better, I don’t know. I’ll find out though, I guess, won’t I?

Lego Star Wars – The Complete Saga

This looks to be probably the most fun title this month. The lego games are just plain fun and while intended for kids, anyone can enjoy them, and getting to play through the whole original trilogy and… the prequels (why… why have them?)…  seems like it would be a good time I can just relax with.  I always enjoy games you can just chill out with and not have to really stress over, and this looks to be a fine entry into that category.

That’s all for this month. No real added comments. Snag em if you want em, don’t if you don’t, I’m just letting you know what’s coming.

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