May 17 2017

May 2017 Xbox One Update Walkthrough

Microsoft has made yet another somewhat major change to the Xbox One dash recently. I’ve had it for the past few months (as part of the preview program) and I have to say, they are really polishing up the minor flaws that have been hanging around since the “new” Xbox One Experience update back in 2015, while also doing a fine job adding in miscellaneous features and refining the overall experience.

The biggest change so far has to be the fact that you now have to manually select to go back to the home screen from a game, but I find it easy to adapt, and the increased quality of the interface makes it worth learning this minor change.

There are many new features in this most recent setes of updates though, and the video below explains a few of the most recent ones. Looks like some good stuff for the right kind of gamer, but not necessarily for me.

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