Jun 13 2017

Metroid: Samus Returns – The Spiritual Successor To Metroid 2

A few months ago, Nintendo successfully took down on copyright grounds a fan-made Metroid 2 remake: this led to rumors that Nintendo was working on their own re-release of Metroid 2, and it looks like this is, basically, it: It follows the same general gameplay of classic Metroid, seems to have many elements similar to the Metroid 2 game on Game Boy, and since it’s a game on a portable console, well, how could you not think Metroid 2? It’s a new game, sure, but it’s clearly based on the design elements of the Game Boy classic.

Metroid 2 is actually one of my favorite games of all time – it’s the only Metroid I’ve really been able to complete, and to be honest the only one I’ve really played all that much – I’ve barely played the original nor have I played too much of Super Metroid, and releases beyond that are just lost to me. Metroid 2 really was *the* game for me.

I like what I see here. If I had a 3DS (or a 2DS) or whenever I bother to get one, this is a game I’d certainly want in the library – one of those few games that make me feel like I should go on and pick up a console (although I’m saving for the Xbox One X, ya never know what I might find.)

This was a pretty cool presentation, as there was both a trailer and a 40 minute gameplay video with narration from the players and commentary from some of the developers! Certainly worth watching!

I really do like what I see here – It’s nice to see Metroid back to the front of Nintendo’s game library!

As always, enjoy!



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