Jan 11 2014

Midnight Musings: Worked too hard?

So, another Midnight Musing that is being written at about 10 pm. I just love how inaccurate my titles are!

Tonight, I wanted to talk about a trend I am noticing with friends and loved ones alike, and even myself at times. That is, are people working too hard?

I don’t mean on personal pursuits either. I’m nothing being crafty with this. I mean, dead seriously, is the work environment on a whole becoming too excessive? I don’t write this from a standpoint of “oh now, they want me to DO something?” like some child would. No, I am talking about cases where you have literally 12 different bosses, all of varying levels, telling you to do different things all at the same time, with no communication or planning among one another. Add in that you are not only doing your own job, but about 3 other peoples at the same time, due to others being extremely lazy yet somehow getting away with it, while it also being requested of you to do beyond what you normally would “because we need it, and we know you can do it!”

Yes, I, or any good worker, can, should, and in many cases, would be happy to give “110%” as they say, to get something more than normal done. However, in my personal life, I know far too many people across the board of employment who suffer this as a standard from day to day.

It’s one thing for one of these factors to happen from time to time. It’s another for one of these to be an everyday occurrence at a workplace. It’s downright insulting to have all of these happen at the same time, consistently. It’s putting more pressure than can at all be healthy on people. Companies are on a whole pushing far too much work onto single people, and when you look at it on a person by person basis, it’s sometimes terrifying how badly  it can affect people.

I personally know of people who spend each off day pretty much sleeping all day, trying to recover energy for the next work period. They are that exhausted that about all they can do is rest. They lack the energy to go out and do more than snag something to eat, which is downright sad. Ironically, they seem to be so stressed after work they they can’t get to sleep at any reasonable time. This just leads to a lack of sleep, and even more stress the following day.

I know not everyone reading this has to deal with such. I know many might think this is just a whiny, silly post complaining about something that can “easily be fixed.”  Well, that depends on the person, and their life. I, and my friends, are generally normal middle class folks. We do what we can to pay the bills, and take whatever chances come.

For those of you with awesome jobs who blog all the time, that’s great. Keep up all the good work. I mean that: Keep on doing what you love! I am working towards that same goal, making all the junk I like to do online profitable. In the meantime, I will do what I do day in, day out.

I really would like to hear if anyone else has had similar situations. I want to at least let my friends and family know it isn’t just they who have had to deal with workplaces that feel insane at times.

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