Jun 20 2013

My Weekend: Anime Blues Con 3

It’s that time of year again here in Memphis. For 3 years running, Anime Blues Con has been providing the otaku of the mid-south something centrally located to have fun with. 3 days of near nonstop anime and geek culture to enjoy!

Just like last year, I will be there to experience every moment I can of it! Last year, I spent 15+ hours exploring, taking photos, and attending every panel and event possible. For someone like me, the convention is just small enough to be able to enjoy everything you would want to, but not too small as to be boring. It’s the perfect size to make new friends, network with people similar to myself, and just have a fun time!

I will try to keep an active presence while at the con, with updates to twitter as the day progresses. That being said, I will actually be rather inactive online, beyond those updates.

This will be a nice vacation away from my day to day life. Like I said, it’s a chance each year to be able to just relax and have fun, something that I never really afford myself in my day to day life, and a chance that is rarely present in Memphis. I love this city, but it is really lacking on options for escape and excitement.

For those curious about the event, the conventions website is http://www.animeblues.com.


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