Sep 28 2016

Nintendo Repair and Maintenance (NES Repair VHS Tape)

I had seen this video online ages ago, but only just tonight found it again: An old VHS tape, made by an electronics repair company, discussing how to clean and repair NES consoles. This tape, which looks like it dates back to around 1990, goes into quite the good detail on common problems and fixes for the good old Nintendo Entertainment System.

My side job (and hobby of game collecting) require me to know things like this – how to clean components, how to fix common issues, and how to tell when a console just isn’t good enough to go out. or when it is perfectly operating and ready to go to a new home.

Ah, the good old NES. Gotta love it!

Ah, the good old NES. Gotta love it!

These machines are coming up on 30 years old, and while some new techniques (like boiling the 72 pin connector) have come along over the years to fix problems on the cheap, there is still nothing better than an actual, proper repair job.

This video might be worth checking out if you are a gamer, someone interested in electronics, or just the kind of person who loves seeing how things work. It’s especially useful if you happen to know a bit about electronics, have some skills with a soldering iron, and need to fix an NES console.


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