Jan 13 2017

Nintendo Switch – A Thoughts Summary

Given that my post about the entire 2017 Switch Presentation is 1,500 words long, I figured I would do well to give you all a summary of my thoughts on the system, for what they’re worth to you. In the event you want the full article, here you go.

Anyway, the Switch, generally I like what I see. The price, contrary to what many people seem to think, seems nice considering you’re getting a decently capable system that is portable. It’s basically a gaming tablet with proper controls that connects to the TV… okay it doesn’t sound that exciting but $300 isn’t bad, in the end. People have been paying that much for the WiiU the past few years, haven’t they?

The fact that they have added in motion controls is a step backwards to me. Motion controls just don’t work in the long run; they are a gimmick. I can only hope Nintendo knows enough to downplay them in the recommendations to developers, and said developers are smart enough to avoid such.

The launch and upcoming game lineup is mostly “meh” to me; some games, like 1-2 Switch and Arms just seem like overblown tech demos, and I just don’t see them as anything better than Wii Sports (which I generally hate, if you didn’t know) since they seem too rudimentary to be worthwhile.

On the other hand, while I haven’t played games in these series, new Xenoblade and Fire Emblem games are a nice addition, and should provide damn fine gameplay to those who still have the time and energy for such adventures (although I am fairly certain the fire emblem game is one in the Dynasty Warriors style). Other game announcements and teasers in the RPG vein also look good.

Skyrim, though, is just a goddamned joke. I’m sorry, it’s been 5 years, let it go. I just don’t see a point, beyond the fact that they could put it on the system. That doesn’t mean you should. Whatever though, if you adore Skyrim, then there ya go, you can now play it wherever.. just like you would with a moderately capable laptop computer.

Lastly, Mario and Zelda… well, they both look good, sure. I’m not a major Nintendo fan though, so I’m not getting hyped over them much as others. That’s all I can say: I’m sure they will be fine games, but I’m just not as hyped up as many others are.

It’s really hard to say more – I guess the next big deal will be when the console is released. As news comes, though, I’ll give my thoughts if I feel it worth writing on.

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