Sep 22 2016

No, Your Astrological Sign Didn’t Change (Not That It Matters Anyway)

Not that I care whatsoever for such outright silly superstition, but it has to be said, because those posts are annoying the hell out of me.

No, your Astrological sign didn’t change

1: NASA has nothing to do with such (I never understand why anything at all related to space has to magically have NASA thrown in like they are some kind of final authority on everything). They don’t even care about such beyond the fact that constellations, which are the basis of this concept, have stars in them.. stars that are interesting balls of plasma of varying size, distances, and masses, and that’s it.

Only the ancients placed any value on to what imaginary connect the dot pictures they saw in the path of the sun – IE the Zodiac.

2: There were always 13 constellations there. What happened is people eventually usurped stars from the “new” one (which is actually an old one) and added them to the other constellations because that’s how made up pictures in the sky kind of work.

As historians (read: not NASA) came up and said, basically, “oh, hey, there used to be a 13th zodiac constellation, who knew?” people have been saying this off and on for years since then. This ain’t the first, and won’t be the last time you see this posted as some kind of breaking thing that somehow affects everyone’s life, while they still claim they will forever be what sign they originally were.

3: Lastly… most importantly… Did you ever check and astrology website and see they don’t acknowledge such? You would think if you believe those kinds of things you would go to the source of this supernatural wisdom and see if they acknowledge this or not. They don’t and never will, because that’s not how it works.

As a bonus, good old snopes. Always worth checking, then back checking their sources:


Not that any of this matters anyway. Astrology is just like any other superstition; in this case, it’s intentionally vague phrasings that can apply to anyone anywhere at any time on any day, but people buy it hook, line, and sinker… and no, I don’t mean to be mean in this, but even if this stuff was somehow true, you would think people would seek information beyond one random post on facebook to determine the validity of the claim. It just makes sense.

The fact that some major news outlets even bother to report this as anything valid is appalling, but that goes into another conversation I just don’t want to deal with here.

The stars don’t affect your life in any major way (beyond the Sun, which is rather critical to life on Earth) and horoscopes contain absolutely no useful information whatsoever.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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