Oct 29 2016

Non PC DOOM Clones – Nostalgia Nerd

Ah, Doom. Arguably the FPS of the Halloween season, and certainly one of the most legendary games on the PC side of things. With a new release this past years, Doom, as a series, is still alive and strong. Let’s go back, however, to the early 90’s UK gaming scene: The IBM-PC computer architecture that we all know and love wasn’t anywhere near as big over there as it was here in the US, and when combined with overall cost, many UK gamers who wanted the Doom experience had to hunt around for Doom styled games for their more specialized microcomputers.

The classic title screen of Doom!

The classic title screen of Doom!

In this video, YouTuber Nostalgia Nerd takes a quick look at some of the many many non-PC Doom clones out there as well as telling his own story of trying to capture the Doom experience without a standard DOS PC.


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