Sep 21 2016

October 2016 Xbox Live Games With Gold

It’s about to be October, which means another month of free games with Xbox Live Games with Gold. Oddly, this assortment doesn’t look too spooky for what you would expect from free games in October but at least it does have the survival game “I am Alive” so, there’s that!

Right, let’s get to the video and the commentary.

Xbox One

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

I’m not the biggest baseball fan, but this doesn’t look too bad. A little playful with character designs, but I would rather have a “for the fun of it” game, rather than the more traditional sports games that take things way too seriously.

The Escapists

I’ve heard about this game, a very retro stealthy escape themed title, it looks like it will be fun when I just want to sit back, relax and have a good time planning for freedom!

Xbox 360

MX vs ATV Reflex

Oh boy.. another racing title. Well, at least this is the gritty motocross scene, which is more my alley. Still, some racing games are more forgiving than others; hopefully this one will be more enjoyable for the casual racing fan like me, as opposed to the horror that was F1 2013. No, I won’t let that game go, it was dreadful.

I Am Alive

You had me at Post Apocalyptic. I love most wasteland scenario games, and while I don’t think anything will ever hold a candle to the Stalker series on PC, this might be a fun one. Too bad this video tells you almost nothing about actual gameplay, but that is to be expected eh?

So there we go, another month, another set of 4 games that seem alright. Nothing stands out, but nothing seems like it will be horrible. Why not add them to your library?

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