Apr 10 2015

One of these posts again

It’s been 55 days since my last post here. I know because Facebook likes to tell me. Since I share posts from here to the Xadara facebook page, and rarely do anything else with that page, I have a nice, persistently annoying timer telling me how long it has been between posts.

This is far to common a trend here. I seem to go months without posts on a pretty regular basis, and have made posts like this time and time again. Why does this keep happening? I’m not asking myself what happened in the past month to take up my time, but I’m thinking about the real reason for me not posting like I normally do.

It’s not like I don’t have things to write about – I do. Some of the article ideas are better covered by others, such as many space topics – there are other bloggers who do such so much better, so I leave the efforts to them, save for where I think I have something to say more personally.

Other ideas I have I just procrastinate about. Indeed that is really the main issue – I don’t take the time to write. Much of it is hesitation on if I should write this or that article. I guess I really have yet to figure out what I want to do with the site. Instead maybe I should just go ahead and write whatever I want.


Because it’s my site. I pay money for it. I’ll write what I want.

Perhaps, in matching with my YouTube presence, I will start doing reviews on all types of classic games via text, then when time permits I will make videos on them. Other people do that, and it seems to work well for them. Can I not do the same?

We will see.

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