Aug 20 2012

Overall Update: August 2012

Well, from the looks of it, you would think I had fallen off the face of the Earth for weeks at a time, considering how often I post to this website. I find myself to be a man who is an odd combination of too busy and too lazy to get some projects done in any timely manner. I feel I owe those who follow this site some basic explanations as to just what the world is holding me back on many of the things I talk about often.

No, KuriMix is not dead. I did, however, take a long (read: 2 month) break from the project to rethink some ideas, and generally rest.  Working on something as, unique, as KuriMix is can take more energy than you would think, and in this case, I just needed to get away from the project for a while.  Otherwise, some issues have been fixed, and a few features that were planned for KMX4 will finally make an apperance in KMXV. Otherwise, however, don’t expect anything different from previous games.

Anime Blues Con 2: My Story
The Anime Blues Con 2 video project is still in the planning stages. Part of the reason is that I never really had an idea on just how I wanted to do the video. I eventually settled on simply telling my story of the convention: pointing out things that caught my interest, or talking about the various panels and events. At this point I just need to go through an hour and a half of video recorded, write the script, and actually make the video. A second critical fact is that Sony Vegas does not like the video format my camera records in, meaning I have to convert all of those video files into a new format. This wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t obsessed with keeping the file quality as high as possible, but not bloating the files to absurd sizes. I am going to have to test out conversion codecs to see what works best for what I wish to do. Such is my life digitally, I guess. haha!

I have many, many things I want to review. The problem I am having with such is simply motivation to write the reviews. I don’t want to do them, and have them come out sub-par. I want whatever I review to be thouroughly analyzed and my thoughts expressed in the best way possible. This, for me, takes time and planning.. time that I rarely seem to have.  The other factor is deciding on just what style I want to do them in which is more critical to me than you would think.

Video Side Projects
I actually have a few other video projects ideas, but those suffer issues similar to that of the ABC2 video: time, data types and general willpower.

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