Jun 13 2017

Pokemon Is Coming To The Switch

Right, time to start covering all of the game news. Get ready, we’re in for one hell of a ride, and I thought I would start with some of the most oddly expected yet also seemingly loved and hated news that GameFreak, the actual development studio behind the core Pokemon games, has stated at E3 that they have begun work on a new Pokemon game for the Switch.

Now, this is something that most anyone who takes a serious look at the Switch knew would happen – with the announcement, however, coming sooner than many expected, this helps put the first nail in the coffin for the DS hardware legacy, and for Nintendo to, over the next year or two, migrate everyone and everything over to the Switch.

There is always a transitional period with these things, usually lasting anywhere from 1 to 3 years. To that end, if development takes about a year and a half, and the game is ready by Fall of 2019, it would be the perfect timing for the console to have gained a sizable install base

The announcement also stated that there is to be an updated version of Pokken Tournament, which yeah, I guess that’s cool, but I really wish companies would stop re-releasing games like they are currently, but eh, whatever works.

A proper Pokemon game on the switch is something the system should have launched with, as well as a Smash Bros. Variant, but hey, at least things are looking promising. A Pokemon game on the Switch makes it damn near impossible for the console to fail: at least, as hard as the WiiU did, if at all.

….and no, that isn’t coming from Fanboyism – I’m actually not that big a fan of Nintendo, as much as some are – no, this comes from optimism and the fact that I actually like what I see Nintendo doing this time around; it’s what they should have been doing years ago.

I’ve got more on Nintendo, as a company,  coming. Stay tuned.

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