Oct 12 2017

Progress MS-07 Launch Scrubbed Seconds Before Liftoff

In an event that sounds more interesting than it actually is to see, the Progress MS-07 launch planned for today was scrubbed due to the failure of an umbilical system on the launch pad to retract, and allow the launch sequence to begin.

Since the launch sequence is mostly automated, with this umbilical not disengaging, the launch system never activated.

This is a very rare event – Soyuz launches have a strong tradition of launching when they should – rarely to things go wrong, save for the occasional booster failure after liftoff.

Another launch attempt is set for the 14th, and for those curious there is no danger to the crew onboard the station currently – supplies are fine, and resupply missions traditionally function more like “topping off” resources more than anything else.

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