Dec 29 2016

Rumor: Nintendo Recalling The WiiU?

Crossing my radar today is an article from a few days ago on the website WGG (never heard of it before today) stating that it would seem the WiiU, which we now know is no longer produced in any capacity, is no longer properly available, at least from Best Buy.

I can’t say at all how correct this information is, hence why I put it in the rumor category – I can try to find some info later today, but as it stands this wouldn’t surprise me: Nintendo ending production of the WiiU before the Switch is released is an almost unprecedented event in gaming, let alone for Nintendo, and as I stated before would ensure as little money is wasted on the WiiU before March as possible.

Recalling units, to keep them out of stores and to stop people from buying the WiiU just before the release of the Switch – no one wants to have to buy a new console right after already purchasing one, and this cold cut off would help Nintendo heal the wound, so to speak, left by the WiiU.

I don’t own a WiiU, but I do think of it as a pretty damn good console – a hell of a lot better than the original Wii – but sadly, the average person, the casual gamer, just can’t get it – they can’t understand the console, and sales suffered because of it. That’s not to say Nintendo’s advertising wasn’t a failure for the console, but still in the retail environment, when the console is explained, people still seem intimidated or just don’t understand it (to this day they still think it’s a tablet, and not a game console with a touch-screen controller) and in the end often don’t buy it, instead option for, get this – the Xbox 360.

Again, this is rumor so far, but it makes sense, at least when I look at it. The WiiU is a failed console, regardless of how much you may like it. This is just, sadly, the flow of these things.

If I find out anything else, I’ll be sure to share it.

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