Aug 27 2016

September 2016 Xbox Live Games With Gold

Alright, here we go with the September Games with Gold lineup! This time we’re looking at one new release and one more recent release on the Xbox One, and on the Xbox 360 side, and early classic and a more modern racing powerhouse round out the mix.

Xbox One

Earthlock- Festival of Magic:

Earthlock is a new release on Xbox One, and looks to be a decent enough little RPG. Somewhat quirky but already familiar looking, I’m interested in at least giving it a try.

Assassins Creed Chronicles – China

Assassins Creed goes 2D in the chronicles series. Same game concepts but a different perspective on all the action. It looks pretty good. I’m overdue for playing Assassins Creed games anyway, and while the chronicles series is an offshoot, it should be a bit more friendly to my pick up, play for an hour, then take a break gaming nature.

Xbox 360

Forza Horizon

I’m not the biggest fan of racing games, but Forza Horizon has been recommended to me by more people than I can count. Open world racing sounds like a blast. While I have Horizon 2 as well, thanks to it coming with my Xbox 360 E, I haven’t played it yet, so now I can experience both games in the series from start to finish. Cool.

Mirrors Edge

This is a title I purchased earlier this year during a sale, and have gone about halfway through. Mirrors Edge is hard. That simple. It’s quite the immersive game, and I remember when it was released it was a big deal. It hasn’t aged all that well, what with its odd control scheme and unforgiving nature, but I can see why people did enjoy it back in the day, and it’s a worthy title to at least try out. Dystopian sci-fi worlds are always a blast, right?


Not the most grandiose assortment of games for September, but still a nice assortment. These should be good additions to any players library, as always. Be sure to check em out and enjoy! Remember, there is no harm in trying a game out!

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