Aug 04 2016

Some Good Stuff is Coming

Alright, I just wanted to throw out an update post to let readers know that some good things are coming soon to the site. It’s been a busier than normal week for me, and I’ve had countless articles and projects delayed. I’ve got videos coming to the YouTube channel along with plenty of articles, more game reviews, and a rather special announcement that should provide even more in depth game and tech related content.

I know articles recently have been a little bit negative, but one of the purposes of this site is to vent my thoughts on social media and the tech and gaming scene. Someone has to say it, right? That being said, I do want to get back to more informative posts, and trust me, those are coming. You just gotta get through the rough stuff to get to the better content, and the more I vent up front, the better off the following content will be.

As always, thanks for reading, and as always check back often. I try to write once every day or two – sometimes more, if the mood strikes me. You never know what I’ll post about next, but if you like gaming, technology, social media criticism, space, and other generally geeky things, then you are on the right site for honest opinions about all of the above and more.

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  1. Nice to know there’ll be more stuff to read although I’m completely fine with rants since I usually agree with them. I really need to do blog content more often myself, remember since you help my blog you can request content for me to try and make whenever you want.

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