Mar 24 2017

Some Mild Burnout

It was bound to happen, sooner or later – I’m starting to get slightly burnt out on writing about some things. Oddly, of all the things it could be, rocket launches. Not classic ones, far from it, but current ones. It’s all the same stuff, really, and while each launch is unique to watch, it isn’t as great a thing to write about, unless it’s a booster type or configuration I haven’t covered. The end result of one of my last articles, for example, was more like a news briefing than an actual from the heart write up – that’s not the kind of thing this site is about.

I should probably just stick to the more important launches, but even those are a little stale at times. In trying to save space on the server, I’m trying to avoid uploading unique images of booster and the like when I can, but the inevitable result of such is the articles lose even more personality – it’s a win-lose kind of situation no matter what, and as I said, the best option would probably be to just cover more important launches, and try to be more streamlined in how I do cover them.

I guess it’s all part of the quest to write an article a day, something I’m kind of getting burnt out on after a year. I really shouldn’t push myself as hard as I do but hey, I like to keep the views coming to the site, and I feel good when I see 30+ articles each month ready and waiting for people to go back and read, if they so wish to.

Maybe I’ll get the spirit back. Maybe not. Who knows. In any case, I’ll just keep writing as I can about what I can. Not everything needs to be covered but when it does, you know I’ll be here. I’ve got plenty of related articles that I need to write anyway, beyond launches themselves.

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