Nov 17 2016

Soyuz MS-03 Successfully Launches to the ISS

Today has really been a space heavy day for me, hasn’t it? Today marks the successful launch of Soyuz MS-03, sending another 3 person crew, Oleg Novitskiy, Peggy Whitson, and Thomas Pesquet, to the International Space Station.

The MS-03 crew.

The MS-03 crew.

I don’t have much commentary: not that Soyuz launches are boring (far from it) but there really isn’t much to say on a successful launch. So far so good, you could say, as there haven’t been any major issues with Soyuz in around 30 years – the past missions from about the Mir era onward, even when they have had minor problems, have been successful. Let’s hope this mission runs into no issues either.

Expect video of the launch as soon as it’s available (and I can get an article posted for it!)


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