Feb 19 2017

SpaceX CRS-10 Launch Webcasts

As always for any SpaceX launch, here are both the technical and hosted webcasts. For this launch I mainly watched the actual NASA feed, as it felt more fitting for the launch from pad 39. I should have stuck with the SpaceX feed though as it had better video and the added telemetry data that makes these things more enjoyable for someone like me, but you gotta pick your battles sometimes, right?

In any case, as I said, here are the hosted and technical webcasts – the only difference is the technical webcast is a raw feed of information and flight-control communications, while the hosted webcast has, well, hosts. I honestly can’t stand the hosted webcast, as the people they have host it just come off too causal and somewhat obnoxious in their presentation of what is going on, but the technical webcast is spot on.

Be sure to pay attention to the awesome views of the booster coming back in for landing – that’s not something you want to miss!

Pick whichever you want, though – you may need the hosted one to help you understand the nuances of rocketry if you are a casual fan. Enjoy!

Hosted Webcast:

Technical Webcast:

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