Dec 14 2016

STS-95 Mission Highlights

NASA pushed out quite a few videos following the death of John Glenn. The other day I shared some video of the launch of STS-95, Glenn’s 1998 return to space. There was one video I found during the planning of that article, though, that I didn’t share due to its length, and thought more worthwhile to share in its own entry: this is the hour and a half long STS-95 mission highlights video, uploaded by NASA on the 8th of December. It includes some nice launch views, including inside the shuttle lower deck, showing Glenn during SSME and SRB ignition, and the early phase of ascent. Beyond that we have some nice footage of the on orbit operations, and the landing of the orbiter Discovery.

I don’t have any real commentary, the video speaks for itself. If you like this kind of content and have an hour and a half to kill, well, it’s worth checking out! Even just skimming through is kind of fun.

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