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Jan 10 2018

Bits And Bytes – Program 9: Computer Graphics

Ah, now we’re getting into one of the more interesting nuances of the 80’s computer scene – graphics! While today our systems simply use software to create everything we see on screen, with hardware doing the raw math to make it all happen, back in those days, you didn’t have processing power, memory, or, well, …

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Sep 12 2017

The Atari 2600 Turns 40!

In a bit of news from yesterday that, out of respect for the date I waited until today to share, the Atari Video Computer System (better known as the Atari 2600) was released 40 years ago yesterday, September 11th. The Atari 2600 is one of the most historic consoles in gaming, to be sure. Not …

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Aug 25 2017

Kit Kat Accused Of Copying Atari Game Breakout – Wait, What?

This one hit my radar last week but thanks to the usual delays I’m only now getting to it – apparently, Atari is suing Nestle, the company behind the chocolate-wafer candy bar Kit Kat, over the similarities a commercial from 2016 had with the game. I can’t find this commercial online, but apparently it used …

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Aug 02 2017

An Atari 2700 Was Found At A California Thrift Store!

Crossing my news feed a few days ago is something rather interesting to me – An Atari 2700 console that was found in a thrift store in California… for $30! Yeah, if you know the story of the 2700, it’s amazing to read about. If you don’t, well, let me explain it to you. The …

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Mar 20 2017

Bits And Bytes – Program 2: Ready-Made Programs

Returning to Bits and Bytes, we step into the land of ready made programs: that is, software that you just put in and run. You don’t have to write it yourself in basic. Of course, this is how computers are for us today, naturally – we have everything we could ever need, and probably more, …

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Jun 23 2016

Writing About What I Want, When I Want, How I Want – An Update

nintendo, nes, n64, xbox, games

So, over the past few months I’ve been writing more. Much much more than I have in months, indeed, in years past. I’ve expressed before that I am switching over from making YouTube videos to writing more. I still crank out the occasional video, but at this stage, it’s so much easier to write than …

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May 27 2016

Finding The Perfect BBS For Me

Last week, I finally took the plunge into old-school computer usage by perusing various Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) via Telnet. Always fascinated by the early days of “modern” computer usage, I wanted to experience the pre-internet digital community as best as I can in 2016, and since then, have been hunting around off and on …

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May 26 2016

The Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 140 – Paperboy

I’ve been meaning to write about Angry Video Game Nerd episodes for years now. The videos, while extremely crass and possibly intolerable for some types, are also well loved by so many others, especially gamers of my age range who grew up playing games on the Atari 2600, the NES, and later consoles. We grew …

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