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Jun 18 2017

The Articles That Triberr Missed – The GIF Format And Some E3 Coverage

So, shortly after my last articles on the subject. Triberr decided to push one of the missing articles up: I figured it would throw the other article up there as well, but it never did – not only that, thanks to the 14 article import per week limit, and me not knowing exactly where I …

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Jun 14 2017

We Have A Solution To The Feed Import Problem

Last night I made a post about an issue I discovered while begging the article-storm that is my coverage of the more interesting announcements of E3: The fact that a main blog sharing tool I use, Triberr, has a 14 post per week import limit, and the storm of 8 articles over 2 days pushed …

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Jun 14 2017

I Ran Into A *Slight* Problem With My Article Planning This Week

So, I was planning to spend the past day, and the next few days cranking out everything I could stand to on E3 and the announcements – as you could see, I was off to a good start then took a break. There’s a reason for that beyond just needing a big of rest… I …

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Apr 05 2017

The Jetpack 4.8 Plugin Is Breaking Many WordPress Websites

Update: The plugin has indeed had version 4.8.1 released, which seems to fix the issues present in the original 4.8 release. This article is being kept as is for archival sake as a reminder to be careful when using new software in a production environment, at least on day zero. Update 2: In testing the …

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Mar 24 2017

Some Mild Burnout

It was bound to happen, sooner or later – I’m starting to get slightly burnt out on writing about some things. Oddly, of all the things it could be, rocket launches. Not classic ones, far from it, but current ones. It’s all the same stuff, really, and while each launch is unique to watch, it …

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Mar 22 2017

Re: The Power Of Blogging

Blogging is a somewhat dead medium. It used to be the most popular form of expression on the internet – today, YouTube has pretty much supplanted it, and the “vlog” (video-log) format has supplanted what information blogs once provided. Sure, a video can be more enjoyable than text, in some cases, but there is a …

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Mar 17 2017

10 Years Of Xadara – A Condensed History

That’s right, this little hole in the wall website has been around for a whole decade! Call out from work, school, or whatever you have going on and get ready to party! No, actually, don’t do that. Be a responsible person and continue your normal life. Seriously though, it has indeed been 10 years to …

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Mar 01 2017

35 Articles In One Month. Whoa!

Heads up, this article doesn’t have anywhere much to go, it’s just more of a random thought put into text, rather than anything with too much of a point. Anyway, for the month of February I managed to crank out 35 articles – that’s right, for the shortest month of the year I pushed out …

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Dec 23 2016

2017 Plans: An Update

2016 was a hell of a year. It had its good points, its bad points, and all in all, it was pretty much just like any other given year. The biggest element was about halfway through the year a focus change in my efforts from YouTube to this site proper. This was a change that …

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Jul 18 2016

When a Post Just Doesn’t Trend Well

Sunday afternoon, while killing some time at a local mall, I wrote up a post on Pokemon Go. It wasn’t anything special, but it was a post nonetheless about something amazingly popular at the moment. I had some thoughts to share, and well, felt like sharing them – a mostly positive post from the point …

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