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Oct 14 2017

The Graphene Theme 2.0 Killed My Website!

Seems like every few months I have something happen with this site that makes me have to either nuke a feature, or go into some kind of emergency “find an old version and throw it on the server” moment. Previously, an update to my podcast management software of choice wound up no longer working with …

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Oct 04 2017

What’s Coming For October 2017 on Xadara

Well, it’s been a few days since the last posts here. Maybe I needed another break, who knows. Regardless, a new month means new things, new chances to share my thoughts on, well, most anything. October is one of my favorite months of the year – hell, it might well be the month I like …

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Sep 30 2017

We Have Burnout – Hostility In The Space And Rocketry Online Community

Cutting straight to the point, I’m somewhat burnt out right now – namely, with regards to SpaceX, space subjects in general, and a few other things. Reading comment after comment on the SpaceX front has certainly been a chore, having to see them mentioned in every single space related subject ever is itself quite annoying, …

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Jul 29 2017

Photobucket: It’s Not That You’re Charging, But How Much You’re Charging

As the Photobucket drama continues, we’re starting to more often see tweets and other such content criticizing those complaining about the changes Photobucket made last month. They virtually always seem to follow this same pattern of insulting those complaining, followed up by making the claim that the reason for the hatred is that people just …

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Jul 21 2017

A Blogging Backlog

Anyone who attempt at least some kind of regular content creation has certainly run into the issue of simply having too much to publish, and running into a backlog. Hell, I’ve had to just abandon some planned posts thanks to them running so far behind that I just never bothered to actually write and publish …

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Jul 18 2017

One Alternative To Photobucket – Postimage.org

Nearly a month after Photobucket somewhat wrecked a pretty substantial chunk of the internet by locking hotlinking of images behind a very pricey paywall, users are still searching for alternatives, both common ones you would think of, and obscure ones that may be more fitting of niche uses. I, for one, am going to give postimage.org …

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Jul 17 2017

Apparently, People Are Actually Paying For The Top Tier Photobucket Account

In an amazing example of what amounts to a successful hostage situation (that is, successful for the hostage taker) it would seem over the past few weeks since Photobucket Screwed Over The Blogging Community  that people have actually been paying $399 for the account plan that allows hotlinking. …Are you fucking serious? I can only …

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Jul 08 2017

The Cost Of Photobucket Image Hosting

I’ve been letting the Photobucket drama play out over the past week without much commentary – after the initial hit, I just wanted to see what they would do in response to the criticism lobbied against them, and the results are about what I expected: Photobucket isn’t changing anything, beyond allowing one particular type of …

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Jun 29 2017

What’s Coming For July 2017 On Xadara

I thought updating readers to plans for the upcoming month would be a good idea, and so, here we go! This will probably become a regular thing, if only to fill article space, so, eh, take it for what it is. First up, we have a return to sharing some old videos about various subjects …

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Jun 28 2017

Photobucket Just Screwed Over The Blogging Community

The long-lived image hosting website Photobucket just gave a big middle finger to the blogging community in the form of a change to their terms of use which disables any form of hotlinking on any account save for the quite expensive top tier account type: the “Plus 500 Plan” Let me back up a bit, …

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