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Jan 04 2018

The Return Of Mad Catz

Apparently, less than a year after bankruptcy, gaming accessory maker Mad Catz is back! Apparently a company in China that was involved in the manufacturing side of some of their products purchased what remained of the company and brought the brand back, alongside many of the more popular and well received PC gaming accessories the …

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Dec 04 2017

What I Mean When Discuss The “Cult Of SpaceX”

Here we go, the beginning of the articles I’ve been dreading writing for probably a year now. These are things I feel need to be said and no, I don’t think I’m wrong in what I say – opinions can neither be right nor wrong, after all, but I do feel the concept presented – …

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Sep 22 2017

The Internet Doesn’t Understand The Toys-R-Us Bankruptcy

A few days ago, it was announced that Toys R Us was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The internet flipped their shit over it. Within an hour of the announcement, memes already started flooding twitter and facebook saying “RIP Toys R US”, “RIP Geoffrey” and general reactions of “oh no it’s closing” mostly from people …

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