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Nov 20 2017

Tying Up Loose Ends – An Update


I’ve mentioned before on how I have quite a few article sets that I have yet to finish. I’ve been known to come back to articles at random times, in some cases months between entries. As it stands now, though, I’m thinking I should try before the year is out to get the remainder of …

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Aug 09 2017

Repairing the Melcor 390 Calculator Part 1 – An Exercise In Patience

So, after many many delays, I got the Melcor 390 calculator fixed. Oh, it was an absolute joy to get done soldering the capacitor in and finally seeing the LED’s fire up with “EEE1” and other garbage data, as this little calculator does when it’s first powered up. If you don’t know what I’m talking …

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Jul 28 2017

Update On The Melcor 390 Calculator

So, you may recall a few days ago in my thrifting adventures I snagged an old 70’s calculator that, after working for a few minutes failed in a flurry of smoke and heat. If not, the previous article will be shared below. http://www.xadara.com/i-got-a-vintage-70s-calculator-and-then-it-blew-up/ Well, I mentioned I would ask on the eevblog forums about what …

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Jul 25 2017

I Got A Vintage 70’s Calculator, And Then It Blew Up!

Not the typical article here on Xadara, but these types of posts will become more common as time passes. I love random gadgets of yesteryear – be it old adding machines and typewriters, to slightly more modern things like computers and other consumer devices of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, there is a charm to …

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