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Jan 10 2018

Bits And Bytes – Program 9: Computer Graphics

Ah, now we’re getting into one of the more interesting nuances of the 80’s computer scene – graphics! While today our systems simply use software to create everything we see on screen, with hardware doing the raw math to make it all happen, back in those days, you didn’t have processing power, memory, or, well, …

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Dec 09 2017

Bits And Bytes – Program 8: Games & Simulations

Wow, we haven’t taken a look at Bits and Bytes since July! Time to get back to it. Bits and Bytes episode 8 deals with Simulation software and games which have an educational lean to them. While being an episode dealing with games, it does touch into some elements of gaming back in the early …

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Sep 21 2017

Update: The SNES Classic Will Be Sold In Quebec After All

News coming in from up north, apparently the SNES Classic Edition will be sold in Quebec after all. Toys R Us Canada and EB Games Canada twitter accounts made mention of this a few days ago, which is good news for everyone in Quebec who wanted to get the console locally. The bad news? Doesn’t …

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Mar 09 2017

Bits and Bytes – Program 1: Getting Started

It’s time to head back to 1983, to a time when the PC as we know it was in its infancy, and the home computer market was still dominated by the likes of Commodore, Atari, Apple (pre Macintosh, mind you), and Tandy (at least, here in the North American market – it was a slightly …

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