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Jan 20 2018

SBIRS Geo-4 Successfully Launches On An Atlas V Rocket

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V lifted off yesterday from Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carrying the 4th Geostationary Satellite in the  Space-Based Infrared System, a collection of specialty satellites operated by the United States Air Force designed to assist the United States military in situational awareness in the battlefield, especially …

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Dec 07 2017

SpaceX Successfully Static-Fires A Falcon 9 At Launch Complex 40

I wouldn’t normally cover a test firing of a Falcon 9 stage, but this one is kind of important – it marks the first use of Launch Complex 40 since the September 2016 explosion of a Falcon 9 booster destroyed the launch facility. Going back to that explosion, it happened during the same kind of …

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Dec 05 2017

SpaceX Scheduling Madness

This is going to be interesting – a two-fold article. On one half, I have a bit more to say about what upcoming SpaceX content I have coming, and on the other half, I feel it worth discussing the actual current scheduling that SpaceX is launching on in the upcoming months. On my end, as …

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Oct 15 2017

20 Years Ago, The Launch Of Cassini

On October 15th, 1997, a Titan IV/B lifted off from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carrying the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft into space for its eventual amazing mission to study the planet Saturn. This was one of the first launches of the Titan IV/B and the first flight of that particular Titan variation …

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Aug 23 2017

TDRS-M Successfully Launches On An Atlas V

I’m almost a week late on this one, but it’s still worth covering: The third, and final of the 3 Third-Generation Tracking and Data Relay Satellites, known as TDRS, was successfully launched on Friday, August 18th, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 41. The TDRS satellite system is used for high-bandwith data and …

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Jul 06 2017

SpaceX’s 3rd Launch In 12 Days, And The Heaviest Payload Yet: Intelsat 35e

I’m covering this one quickly, since I missed the launch live, but on Wednesday the 6th of July, SpaceX, after 2 previous failed attempts to launch, finally got Intelsat 35e off the ground and into one of the highest orbits possible for the booster with such a payload. This high initial orbit was to preserve …

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Jun 23 2017

SpaceX Successfully Launches BulgariaSat-1 And Re-flies Another Falcon 9 1st Stage

Same stuff, different day at SpaceX today with yet another launch from Pad 39A, this time of Bulgaria’s 1st satellite, BulgariaSat 1, to geosynchronous orbit. Yep, another communications satellite, but as mentioned, this is the 1st satellite made by Bulgaria, so that’s special: I hope it works out well for them and their needs! The …

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May 02 2017

What I Failed To Notice About Yesterday’s SpaceX Launch

I’ve made a pretty big mistake in my article yesterday about the Falcon 9 launch of NROL-76. This is the fact that they used high-end cameras and telescope systems to track the booster for it’s entire flight and return to land. http://www.xadara.com/nrol-76-successfully-flies-on-a-falcon-9-rocket/ Seriously, re-watch the footage: aside from a few sections to show the on-booster …

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Dec 18 2016

EchoStar XIX Atlas V Launch Highlights

Another day, another launch it seems. A United Launch Alliance Atlas V booster (431 configuration) launched the Echostar 19 communications satellite today, marking the 68th Atlas V launch. Normally I would go on waxing poetically about the payload, the booster, and what have you, but this time, there isn’t anything to say that hasn’t been …

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Nov 28 2016

Project Mercury And You – 1961 Convair Training Film

Ah, project Mercury – the United States “Man In Space” program. Sure, it wasn’t the first to put a man in space, or in orbit (The Soviets would do that with Vostok 1 in 1961) but it was still a necessary step towards what we eventually would accomplish. Of course, anything going into space needs …

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