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Feb 08 2018

Introducing The Amazing Compact Disc (1982)

Today I present you with this rather simple 1982 clip from the Australian television program “Towards 2000” where they discuss the newest thing in music – the Compact Disc. Starting off covering a history of non-magnetic music recording mediums; Wax Cylinders, Edison Diamond Discs, Standard 78 RPM records, then finally the microgroove Long-Playing record, the …

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Feb 05 2018

We May Finally Be Coming To The Beginning Of The End Of the Compact Disc

The Compact Disc, commonly known simply as “CD, the primary distribution method of music over the past nearly 30 years, is on its way out. This isn’t anything new to anyone – digital music sales have been climbing over the past decade, and now well surpass sales of physical media on a whole. The CD, …

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