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Feb 12 2018

The Computer Chronicles – RAM Resident Software (1986)

We take for granted the fact that over the past 20+ years now we’ve been able to pretty much run whatever we want on our computer at whatever time we want – even at the same time. This seems normal to us, but it wasn’t always the case. In early computer systems,  either as a …

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Jan 31 2018

The Computer Chronicles – Simulator Software (1983)

Ah, simulation software. Flight simulators, driving simulators, space simulators… you think of it, someone has probably coded a simulator for it. Hell, there’s even a joke name for a genre of game today called “walking simulator” where most of what you do is simply, well, walk. Computer simulations hold an interest to gamers in that …

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Dec 19 2017

The Computer Chronicles – The Internet (1993)

I thought it fitting, given recent events, to share this episode of the Computer Chronicles discussing the Internet in 1993. I don’t have to explain the internet to you – you know what it is, but understanding how it became what it is and why it was such a major thing, that’s something else entirely.  …

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Dec 07 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Mainframes to Minis to Micros (1983)

Let’s take a trip back. All the way back, in this case, to the original episode of “The Computer Chronicles” back in 1983. The idea behind the computer chronicles was to cover the then-new field of personal computers. Just what could you do with these little machines, and what was their future? These machines, some …

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Oct 11 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Printers (1983)

Have you ever seen the movie “Office Space”? If you have, then you will certainly remember a certain antagonist in the film that wasn’t a human – it was a machine. In this case, the office Printer. They are funny things, really, the typical printer – it seems since their inception, people have had a …

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Jul 29 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Web Plugins (1998)

With the death of Flash coming in a few years, it only felt right to share (as I did in the previous article) this episode of the Computer Chronicles from 1998 discussing web plugins – after all, that’s how Flash got started, as a web browser plugin. Oh, those were the days. Granted to a …

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May 26 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Storage Devices (1983)

Getting to another episode of The Computer Chronicles today, we have Storage Devices – the way we save our data. Today, we use hard drives with sizes easily in the terrabyte ranges, or solid state drives that while at a somewhat lower capacity provide incredibly fast read and write speeds. Hell, my phone, a budget …

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May 12 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Computer Music (1983)

I would imagine when most people think of “computer music” these days they still think of the beeps, boops, and blips of the Atari and early computer systems of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Even by 1983, however, music from computers had come quite a long way, and we were just on the verge …

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Apr 07 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Build Your Own PC (1992)

Building your own computer is considered pretty much the standard these days in most computer enthusiast circles – dare to mention you use a store-bought desktop and even if you have done some damn fine upgrades, odds are someone is going to find some issue with it and try to give you hell for simply …

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Mar 11 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Tax Preparation Software (1987)

It’s tax season, in case you didn’t know. Today, most people do their taxes online, via some preparation software or via a third-party service that invariably uses custom software, or some electronic filing system down the line. to get the actual data to the IRS. 30 years ago, however, it was a different story. Electronic …

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