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Feb 10 2018

“Useful To Boot” – The Anthem For Obsolete Technology

A few months back while browsing YouTube, I found a video of a segment from the game “Sam & Max” where the two titular characters are in a support group style meeting for obsolete electronics. The group, known as the Computer Obsolescence Prevention Society, or C.O.P.S is a quirky little group, made up of an …

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Dec 25 2017

The Commodore 64 Christmas Demo

Ah, the Commodore 64. The best selling computer of all time, one that most anyone involved in the classic gaming scene is aware of, and those into old computers certainly must have at least tried to experience. What a better way to do this holiday than to go back to 1982/1983 and experience the in-store …

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Feb 24 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Microchip Technology (1983)

In this very early episode of the Computer Chronicles, we take a look at computer chip technology in 1983. 34 years ago 8 and 16 bit CPU’s were dominant, RAM was measured still in the Kilobytes, sometimes megabytes for larger systems, and CMOS was an “emerging technology.” Thousands of transistors on a chip the size …

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Oct 05 2016

New Posts Are Coming, But First: A Windows 2000 Machine

Hello awesome readers! Today I had a few articles planned, but I got delayed by a wonderful little project today, that being a computer from 2002 that I picked up for all of 10 dollars, and it works fine. Well, it works fine from a machine standpoint. However, the machine, as it was, needed work. …

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Sep 27 2016

The Computer Chronicles – Online Tips (1996)

Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve shared a Computer Chronicles episode! In this particular episode we have an assortment of “online tips,” such as internet etiquette (netiquitte, a concept which never seems to have taken off), keeping kids safe online with blocking software (software which seems to always be easily circumvented) and the introduction …

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Jul 23 2016

Missile Guidance – “A Missile Named MAC” – 1962 Bell Labs Film

As most know, the accomplishments of the United States and Soviet space programs were really an extension of and, in most ways, a practical application of the missile technology of the era. Machines built to send nuclear warheads across the oceans were equally suited to send payloads into orbit around the Earth. Of course, accomplishing …

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