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Oct 23 2017

Windows 95 – A First Look (1996 VHS Tape)

Windows 95 was a big change to how many people used their computers. Beyond introducing the Start Menu, it was in some ways so different that it could prove difficult for many users to adapt to. To that end, many companies produced VHS tapes designed to help ease people into the new, but very capable, …

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Oct 06 2017

Memories Of AIM

In the event you’ve somehow missed it the AOL Instant Messenger service, commonly known as AIM, will shut down at the end of 2017, after being operational for 20 years. https://aimemories.tumblr.com/ https://help.aol.com/articles/aim-discontinued While Facebook Messenger is considered the primary messaging system in the world today, there are many many options available – Skype, ICQ, Discord, …

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Sep 26 2017

So, I’m Using Windows XP Again… – Part 1

I know what you’re thinking when you read the title – WHY? It’s 2017, XP hasn’t been supported for years, and it’s reached a point where most software just doesn’t work for it anymore. Why would you at all use it again? One simple reason – my old netbook, an ASUS eeePC 1000. I got …

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May 05 2017

Bits And Bytes – Program 5: Communication Between Computers

Alright, finally we’re getting to something that will feel familiar to everyone: networking! More correctly, the pre-internet computer networking methodology known as BBS’s, via literally dialing a number and putting a phone on the modulator-demodulator – a modem, if you are old enough to remember those kinds of things! This episode shows our friend Billy …

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Feb 26 2017

Terminal Madness – 1980 Personal Computer Documentary

I stumbled across this gem of a video yesterday and thought it worth sharing – a 1980 documentary from Madison, Wisconsin, about the then-new personal computer scene. The video is a little dry in some regards but it proves to be oddly perfect in its predictions for computers in the future – as a kid …

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Feb 12 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Intel 386 – The Fast Lane (1987)

Back in 1987, computer processors were going through somewhat of a major evolution. While software was still stuck in the land of 16-bit, the Intel x86 series processors were reaching 32bit performance. In the case of the Intel 386, there wasn’t even any software for it – the raw speed alone was enough for people …

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Dec 01 2016

The Goodwill Store “Data Policy” Is Absolute Crap


Being the kind of person I am, when I go thrifting, I’m on the hunt for electronics. Hell, today I found a clock from the 60’s, an 80’s tape player AM/FM radio (that needs a new belt but otherwise has a perfect look to it for me) and a VHS rewinder (because who doesn’t need …

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Nov 29 2016

A Quick Tech Support Scam Video – Windows 8 With 480MB Of Ram!

Lewis’s Tech is somewhat of a legend among the anti-scammer community, and this video can quickly show you some reasons why. I’m sharing it not just for how fun this one is, but how quick it is to watch, at only 10 minutes, it goes over quite a bit. We have the usual remote support …

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Jan 15 2013

Windows 8: No Limits?

Over two months after the release of Windows 8, the tech community seems as divided on it as the day it was released. There are those who love it, and those who hate it. The most common complaints seems to be “It was made for touch screens, you need one or it’s terrible” or something …

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Oct 26 2012

Windows 8: Baptism by Digital Fire

Today marks the release of the newest entry into Microsoft’s long legacy of operating systems: Windows 8. Today also marks the biggest change to Windows since the release of Windows 95, and the introduction of the Start Menu; The Start Screen. Over the past year, since the release of the developer preview in Fall of …

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