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Nov 20 2017

Tying Up Loose Ends – An Update


I’ve mentioned before on how I have quite a few article sets that I have yet to finish. I’ve been known to come back to articles at random times, in some cases months between entries. As it stands now, though, I’m thinking I should try before the year is out to get the remainder of …

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Jun 01 2017

The One Big Problem In Using A YouTube Video As An Article Subject

As anyone who follows this site will notice, many of the article subjects on this site are videos that are usually, if not pretty much always hosted on YouTube. This isn’t normally a problem, and the worst I’ve had before is maybe a one-off video being deleted, or something that isn’t allowed to be embedded …

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Dec 21 2016

The Eurolovers YouTube Channel – A Follow Up

A little while back I wrote about the eurobeat music YouTube channel “Eurolovers” being taken down. Following that, I found out that someone had shared it on Reddit, not once now, but twice. Not only that, it has also been mentioned on Eurobeat Prime, one of, if not the top Eurobeat fan site out there. …

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Dec 15 2016

Complex Blocks Drunken Peasants Episode 309 – #WTFU

Yep, that happened. During the chaos of Tommy Sotomayor DMCA takedown chaos on the Drunken Peasants youtube channel, we have Complex, an entertainment and news publication with a somewhat urban slant, filing a copyright claim resulting in the blocking of Drunken Peasants episode 309  worldwide. .@Complex Please explain to us why you have placed a …

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Sep 04 2016

The Things You Get Wrong About Copyright: Part 1

When you think of Nintendo, you think Mario, Pokemon, Metroid. When you think of Sega, you think Sonic. When you think of Marvel, you think Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Hulk. When you think of DC Comics, you think of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman. These are all intellectual properties protected under a law statute known as …

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