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Feb 05 2018

Diverse Interests And Opinions

One of the first things someone simply browsing this site would notice is probably a focus on a few very different subjects. While most websites seem to have a single theme about them, Xadara doesn’t. If you haven’t already read the description of the site, Xadara is, after all “a geeky little blog about nothing …

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Aug 04 2016

Don’t Strawman Me

It happens all the time, in virtually every conversation. You are making whatever point you have, be it something mundane, or something major, and, somehow, you realize you are arguing something you didn’t even say, or, better off, didn’t mean. Someone has changed the subject on you, via some method or another, and by the …

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Jul 31 2016

Learn to Read Between The Lines

All too often I’m put into arguments that are absolutely pointless simply because someone else is too lazy to use simple context clues¬† and understand what the point being made actually is. The end result is someone arguing a strawman of your position, rather than the actual statement you are making. Yes, this is a …

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Jun 01 2015

The Opinion – A Mini Rant

Humans are complex creatures, with complex thought processes. We take in vast amounts of information every moment of our lives. Via comparison and contrast, we eventually form our own views based on this information. We form our opinion based on all of these interactions of information. Simply our thoughts on the summary of data presented …

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