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Jun 24 2017

As Expected, Sony Was Pushing Virtual Reality Heavily At This Years E3

As the title suggests, Sony was pushing very heavily it’s PlayStation VR platform this year at E3, with several “new” games being demonstrated with the technology. I say new, but in many cases the games being presented are old titles with new VR updates – Superhot and (uhg) Skyrim are the most blatant examples, with …

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Jun 23 2017

Call Of Duty: WWII – The E3 Reveal And Interview

Getting back to E3 coverage (a week and a half late, mind you) I have more footage to share of the new Call of Duty game, simply titled “Call of Duty: WWII.” It looks like it will be a fine enough game, and certainly will go back to CoD’s roots, but I have seen some …

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Jun 22 2017

Enjoy The Silence

A week ago, there were somewhere around 4 posts a day, as a side effect of E3 going on. Now, a week later, it’s been far more quiet. The reason behind it is quite simple: I’ve been taking some time for myself, trying to enjoy gaming, and just relax. E3 proved this year to be, …

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Jun 18 2017

The Articles That Triberr Missed – The GIF Format And Some E3 Coverage

So, shortly after my last articles on the subject. Triberr decided to push one of the missing articles up: I figured it would throw the other article up there as well, but it never did – not only that, thanks to the 14 article import per week limit, and me not knowing exactly where I …

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Jun 15 2017

Metro Exodus – Again, Into The Radioactive Wastes We Go

The Metro games have quite the cult following among fans of the post-apocalyptic genre. While Fallout is the most prominent example of the genre, there are many, many different game series that use similar settings: the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series being my personal favorites. There is a very similar yet still unique series, though, based off a …

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Jun 15 2017

Matterfall – A Fun Looking PS4 Exclusive

This is one of those games that, while it certainly isn’t enough to make me go out and buy a Playstation 4 (hell, I couldn’t be bothered to buy a Playstation 3 even with all the Killzone releases on the system), this is one of those games that I just kind of hate is exclusive. …

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Jun 14 2017

I Ran Into A *Slight* Problem With My Article Planning This Week

So, I was planning to spend the past day, and the next few days cranking out everything I could stand to on E3 and the announcements – as you could see, I was off to a good start then took a break. There’s a reason for that beyond just needing a big of rest… I …

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Jun 13 2017

Metroid: Samus Returns – The Spiritual Successor To Metroid 2

A few months ago, Nintendo successfully took down on copyright grounds a fan-made Metroid 2 remake: this led to rumors that Nintendo was working on their own re-release of Metroid 2, and it looks like this is, basically, it: It follows the same general gameplay of classic Metroid, seems to have many elements similar to …

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Jun 13 2017

Destiny 2 – More Story, More Activision + Sony Promotion

Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite excited for Destiny 2, but this trailer was somewhat lacking. It shows a bit more of the upcoming story, but we all know this is all footage we will see in the first 10 minutes of the game! Looks like the Cabal are really laying siege to the City, …

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Jun 13 2017

State of Decay 2 – Zombie Smashing Fun

I absolutely loved the original State of Decay when I played it on the Xbox One in late 2015 or so – while it was originally a 360 title, the Xbox One version contained all the expansion content and was a nice, physical collection – convenient, to say the least. It was the first game …

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