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May 12 2017

Facebook And That Little Flower Reaction

Ya know, I thought people had better memories than they seem to. This past week on Facebook, I noticed people talking about a little “flower” reaction, alongside the usual heart, laugh, cry, anger, and all that. This, as you probably know by now, is the “Thankful” reaction, which was introduced last year, just a little …

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Oct 09 2016

You Asked For It

Social media, by design, is an outlet for people to express themselves, and share their opinions. Anyone with any active social media presence will inevitably see someone, somewhere “complaining” about something, and if you are the average person, it probably annoys you. Hold that thought, for a moment. Them sharing their opinion annoys you, does …

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Sep 22 2016

No, Your Astrological Sign Didn’t Change (Not That It Matters Anyway)

Not that I care whatsoever for such outright silly superstition, but it has to be said, because those posts are annoying the hell out of me. No, your Astrological sign didn’t change 1: NASA has nothing to do with such (I never understand why anything at all related to space has to magically have NASA …

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Aug 04 2016

Don’t Strawman Me

It happens all the time, in virtually every conversation. You are making whatever point you have, be it something mundane, or something major, and, somehow, you realize you are arguing something you didn’t even say, or, better off, didn’t mean. Someone has changed the subject on you, via some method or another, and by the …

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Feb 22 2016

Blocked for a Reason

Imagine you are out and about, enjoying your day. Now, imagine if someone comes up to you and starts doing something you don’t like.. let’s say you are talking with a friend, and they come in and force themselves into the conversation. Neither you nor the friend desire this, so what do you do? After …

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Jan 22 2016

Let’s Talk About Facebook

I have quite the love-hate relationship with the social media service Facebook. It’s my primary online way to keep in touch with many people, both close friends and acquaintances in the gaming and convention scenes. It’s also a useful enough service for discussing various subjects I’m interested in (I’m a member of quite a few …

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Aug 25 2015

The logic of Like and Dislike in Social Media

Social media is all about sharing, discussion, and feedback. In general, social media services will always feature allowing users to comment, saying exactly what they think. There are, however, often simpler ways to express your opinion on a given post – a “like” feature. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Ello, or even YouTube,  there are …

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May 20 2013

Why I ditched the Facebook mobile app

This would seem like something silly to write about. Why would it matter that I uninstalled on app from my cell phone? Because this serves as a prime case where several minor issues have ruined my experience to the point where the app is no longer worth having on my device. Now, my phone is …

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Sep 21 2012

Why (some) Facebook Pages Suck

Sharing Example

Facebook pages can be great ways for interaction, but sometimes, things get a little too crazy…

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Jul 02 2012

Blogging in the Mobile Era: Full Scale Blogging with Mobile Systems

Let’s face it: mobile devices are taking over every aspect of our digital lives. Why sit in front of a massive desktop tower, or lug around a 10 lb laptop, when a tablet PC, or even your cell phone, can do everything you need to do both on and offline?  With seamless integration into social …

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