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Jun 23 2017

SpaceX Successfully Launches BulgariaSat-1 And Re-flies Another Falcon 9 1st Stage

Same stuff, different day at SpaceX today with yet another launch from Pad 39A, this time of Bulgaria’s 1st satellite, BulgariaSat 1, to geosynchronous orbit. Yep, another communications satellite, but as mentioned, this is the 1st satellite made by Bulgaria, so that’s special: I hope it works out well for them and their needs! The …

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May 02 2017

What I Failed To Notice About Yesterday’s SpaceX Launch

I’ve made a pretty big mistake in my article yesterday about the Falcon 90 launch of NROL-76. This is the fact that they used high-end cameras and telescope systems to track the booster for it’s entire flight and return to land. http://www.xadara.com/nrol-76-successfully-flies-on-a-falcon-9-rocket/ Seriously, re-watch the footage: aside from a few sections to show the on-booster …

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May 01 2017

NROL-76 Successfully Flies On A Falcon 9 Rocket

After a day long delay, the classified U.S. Military payload known as NROL-76 was launched this morning, not on a Delta IV or an Atlas V booster, but on a SpaceX Falcon 9! It’s an incredibly standard launch from LC-39A, but being a military payload, the livestream of the event focused on liftoff and the …

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Mar 31 2017

SpaceX Successfully Re-flies A Falcon 9 First Stage!

Looks like the engineering teams at SpaceX did things right – the 1st stage of the Falcon 9 rocket for the SES-10 launch, which was used last April for the CRS-8 Mission, not only flew successfully, apparently they re-landed the stage on a drone ship in the ocean. Again. Yeah, the stage successfully launched and …

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Mar 30 2017

Finally, A Falcon 9 First Stage Re-flight To Happen On The SES-10 Mission

One of the goals in the rocketry ethos of SpaceX is reusability – This past year they have seemingly mastered the art of landing a booster back on Earth and, if need be, onto ocean barges (quite an incredible thing when you think about how rough ocean waters are). Later this evening, they plan on …

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Feb 19 2017

SpaceX CRS-10 Launch Webcasts

As always for any SpaceX launch, here are both the technical and hosted webcasts. For this launch I mainly watched the actual NASA feed, as it felt more fitting for the launch from pad 39. I should have stuck with the SpaceX feed though as it had better video and the added telemetry data that …

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Feb 16 2017

SpaceX CRS-10 – The First Launch From LC-39 In 5 Years

Saturday, February 18th, 2017, will mark the first launch in 5 years from Kennedy Space Center LC-39. Pad 39A last saw usage for the final launch of the Space Shuttle Program, STS-135, in 2011, and since then has been only slightly modified from its shuttle configuration to accommodate the future SpaceX Commercial Crew Missions to …

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Sep 09 2016

Why Did The Falcon 9 Explode? Video by Thunderf00t

YouTube user Thunderf00t, a scientist who also happens to make videos about a wide variety of subjects, has spent quite a bit of time in the week following the Falcon 9 explosion studying the event in detail and formulating his own ideas as to why the vehicle exploded – more accurately, describing the variables that …

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Sep 01 2016

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes on the Pad

A SpaceX Falcon 9 Booster exploded on the pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 40 today, minutes before a standard test of the first stage engines in anticipation of a scheduled launch on Saturday, September 3rd. Of course, this explosion destroyed the booster vehicle and the payload, the AMOS-6 satellite which was …

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Aug 14 2016

JCSAT-16: Another Successful Launch and Landing for the Falcon 9

We had another successful SpaceX launch this morning. In fact, as I begin typing this, the second stage and the payload, JCSAT-16, have yet to leave their parking orbit – we are still about 5 minutes away from the second engine burn that will put the satellite on course for a geostationary orbit! This launch, …

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