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Aug 14 2017

SpaceX CRS-12 Successfully Launches To The International Space Station

Today marked another Falcon 9 launch, carrying a Dragon cargo spacecraft on a resupply mission to the International, Space Station. As usual, it was a nominal launch with a successful first stage landing, and successful insertion into orbit of the Dragon spacecraft which should be getting to the Space Station about the time I publish …

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Jul 21 2017

Elon Musk Says The SpaceX Falcon Heavy May Fail On Its First Flight

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy is a rocked system designed along the same lines as the Falcon 9 booster – in effect, 3 Falcon 9 1st stages strapped together. Of course in practice it’s much more complex than that, but that helps you visualize the idea of the booster – 3 times the initial power to …

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Jul 20 2017

The SpaceX Dragon V2 Crew Vehicle To No Longer Use Propulsive Landing

File this one under “things not going as planned”, SpaceX announced at a recent conference that the planned Crewed Dragon vehicle (also known as Dragon V2) which will be used for SpaceX launched manned missions to the International Space Station and also as part of their planned Mars missions will no longer use propulsive landings …

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Jul 13 2017

What I Like About SpaceX

With me about to go into detail on the phenomena I call “The Cult of SpaceX” I thought it would serve well to express upfront just what I do actually like about SpaceX, which is quite a bit. In fact, if I didn’t like something about SpaceX the more hostile elements of its fanbase wouldn’t …

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Jul 09 2017

SpaceX? Where Do We Begin…

If you read my articles related to SpaceX at all, you will notice a common theme with them – excitement for launches, a feeling of happiness with success, but all the while, at least since September of 2016, a level of snark, of subtle disdain can be read in the posts. To be fair some …

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Jul 06 2017

SpaceX’s 3rd Launch In 12 Days, And The Heaviest Payload Yet: Intelsat 35e

I’m covering this one quickly, since I missed the launch live, but on Wednesday the 6th of July, SpaceX, after 2 previous failed attempts to launch, finally got Intelsat 35e off the ground and into one of the highest orbits possible for the booster with such a payload. This high initial orbit was to preserve …

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Jun 23 2017

SpaceX Successfully Launches BulgariaSat-1 And Re-flies Another Falcon 9 1st Stage

Same stuff, different day at SpaceX today with yet another launch from Pad 39A, this time of Bulgaria’s 1st satellite, BulgariaSat 1, to geosynchronous orbit. Yep, another communications satellite, but as mentioned, this is the 1st satellite made by Bulgaria, so that’s special: I hope it works out well for them and their needs! The …

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May 02 2017

What I Failed To Notice About Yesterday’s SpaceX Launch

I’ve made a pretty big mistake in my article yesterday about the Falcon 90 launch of NROL-76. This is the fact that they used high-end cameras and telescope systems to track the booster for it’s entire flight and return to land. http://www.xadara.com/nrol-76-successfully-flies-on-a-falcon-9-rocket/ Seriously, re-watch the footage: aside from a few sections to show the on-booster …

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May 01 2017

NROL-76 Successfully Flies On A Falcon 9 Rocket

After a day long delay, the classified U.S. Military payload known as NROL-76 was launched this morning, not on a Delta IV or an Atlas V booster, but on a SpaceX Falcon 9! It’s an incredibly standard launch from LC-39A, but being a military payload, the livestream of the event focused on liftoff and the …

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Mar 31 2017

SpaceX Successfully Re-flies A Falcon 9 First Stage!

Looks like the engineering teams at SpaceX did things right – the 1st stage of the Falcon 9 rocket for the SES-10 launch, which was used last April for the CRS-8 Mission, not only flew successfully, apparently they re-landed the stage on a drone ship in the ocean. Again. Yeah, the stage successfully launched and …

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