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Oct 10 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Trailer

It’s safe to say I’m a fan of Star Wars. While I keep my enjoyment of the series somewhat low key compared to other fans, I do get excited about the new films, and trailers for them. In this case, a new trailer for the 8th main film in the series, “The Last Jedi” was …

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Sep 22 2016

Cinemassacre Monster Madness X Trailer

It’s almost October, which means it’s time for another Monster Madness! This is the 10th, and “final” year of the series by James Rolfe, the content creator most famous for the Angry Video Game Nerd character. Monster Madness is a video series where James takes a look at horror movies, reviewing and commenting on them …

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Sep 18 2016

Toxic Propellant Hazards – 1966 NASA Safety Film About Hypergolic Fuels

It’s well known that I am a massive fan of the Titan missile, and its derived space boosters – the Titan II GLV, the Titan-III and Titan-IV booster families. These launch systems, based upon the Titan II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, used a very special type of fuel and oxidizer type that was storeable at room …

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Aug 11 2016

Remember HD-DVD?

Do any of you out there remember HD-DVD? Back in 2006, it stood against Blu-Ray in a battle for the high definition optical media standard, and in 2008 it lost when, after many retailers and film publishers backed out, Toshiba, the main company behind the format, finally gave up and ended production of players, leaving …

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Jul 29 2016

Cinemassacre 200 – James Rolfe

James Rolfe, best known for his online video series “The Angry Video Game Nerd” is quite the fan of cinematography, the actual process of movie making. While the AVGN online web series is his best known work, and certainly makes up a vast majority of his video production work, James has produced well over 400 …

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May 31 2016

Ghostbusters Trailer 2 Isn’t Any Better Than the First One

Back in March I took a look at the first trailer for the new Ghostbusters film, and while that article was an overly long meandering mess of thoughts, I felt it accurately portrayed my thoughts on the trailer: it may be functionally a well produced trailer, but the core content in the film looks to …

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