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Jun 12 2017

The Xbox One X – The Most Powerful Console Ever

Yesterday, during their E3 conference, Microsoft finally have a name, a price, and a release time to their long anticipated “Scorpio” project: Xbox One X. While yes, as always you can make some jokes about the name, the fact remains the console, spec wise, looks absolutely amazing. What we have advertised is: Dolby Atmos Sound, …

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Mar 02 2017

‘Twas The Night Before The Nintendo Switch Launch

This is it. Tonight. Midnight (or opening time for stores not doing a midnight run) is the launch of the Nintendo Switch. March 3rd, a day many a gamer has been waiting for is finally here. Already friends of mine are waiting outside for the chance to get theirs at midnight, with others planning to …

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Feb 14 2017

Rumor: NES Classic Edition Production Ending?

Here we go again! Popping up today was a rumor that Nintendo is ending production on the NES Classic Edition in the upcoming months. Now, back in early January or so, I had said that the NES Classic was a holiday only item, information that was given to me by a reliable source – this …

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Jan 13 2017

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 – A Complete Look

So, Nintendo finally told us what we needed to know about the Switch. About damn time, now all the worthless rumors and speculation can end and the real anticipation and hype can begin. I’ve always hated the pre-announcement period of consoles, games, and what have you, since it’s inevitably filled with nonstop speculation of the …

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Jan 12 2017

Before The Nintendo Switch Announcement

Tonight, or should I say tomorrow morning in Japan, Nintendo will finally tell us what we need to know about the Switch. Oh yes, that console, which will release in March, will finally be unveiled to the masses in detail, and the online gaming community is hyped. I for one, am passively excited. As cool …

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Jan 05 2017

The WiiU Is Dead

At least, if you want to buy a new one. It indeed looks like the WiiU is done with retail sales. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of one since before Christmas, and upon checking the day job, the console is sure enough in a discontinued status for sales. It’s only a matter of time …

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Dec 29 2016

Rumor: Nintendo Recalling The WiiU?

Crossing my radar today is an article from a few days ago on the website WGG (never heard of it before today) stating that it would seem the WiiU, which we now know is no longer produced in any capacity, is no longer properly available, at least from Best Buy. I can’t say at all …

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Nov 01 2016

Rumor: WiiU Production Ends This Week

I am not one to follow the rumor train – generally they are all just wild fantasies that someone gets wind of and spreads it like fact, when it’s clearly unlikely. Generally though, rumors of the end of production on hardware and software tend to be true more often than not. In this case, just …

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Oct 22 2016

Backwards Compatibility And The Nintendo Switch

So, just as I expected, the Switch is not going to be able to play (at least physically) Wii, WiiU, or 3DS titles. This isn’t surprising, since the console uses a physical cartridge port, rather than an optical drive, for games. What I’m surprised at, although I still expected it, is how upset people are …

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Apr 03 2016

Dear Parents: Modern Game Consoles Demand Internet Access

Working in game sales for the day job, I quite often have parents buying new video games, and new game consoles, for their children.That’s great, let the younger ones game on cutting edge hardware for their time, just as I did in the 90’s. The thing is, it isn’t the 90’s anymore. Gaming hardware is …

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