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Aug 15 2017

First Thoughts On Sonic Mania

I’m a huge fan of the Classic Sonic the Hedgehog games, so Sonic Mania was a game I just had to play day 1, and play I did. I actually played for quite a few hours today a somewhat rare thing for me to do, and I had a hell of a good time. That …

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Aug 02 2017

An Atari 2700 Was Found At A California Thrift Store!

Crossing my news feed a few days ago is something rather interesting to me – An Atari 2700 console that was found in a thrift store in California… for $30! Yeah, if you know the story of the 2700, it’s amazing to read about. If you don’t, well, let me explain it to you. The …

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Aug 01 2017

Terrible Games And The Playstation 4 Online Store

Apparently, the Playstation 4 online store has, over the past half a year or so, become quite flooded with games that are, to say the least, of sub-par quality. Now, every online store has its share of terrible games, and it used to be that Steam was the poster boy for terrible game repository – …

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Jul 26 2017

August 2017 Xbox Live Games With Gold

We’re reaching the tail end of Summer, the month of August, and that means another stash of games to sit there and rot away on my Xbox One hard drive! Seriously, I need to get around to playing some of these games! Anyway, let’s get going. For the Xbox One, we got Slime Rancher and …

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Jul 12 2017

Whatever Happened To Pokemon Go?

Last year Pokemon Go was the thing; everyone everywhere was playing it (or at least those who had decent phones were). You couldn’t escape it! Now, you see only the die-hards even bothering to fire up the game. Granted, only a few months ago I finally got a chance to play it, but that was …

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Jun 28 2017

Who Are The “Classic” Nintendo Consoles Really For?

When both the NES Classic Edition and now the SNES Classic Edition were announced, a common comment from many in the gaming scene were that these mini-consoles were pointless, or some kind of similar lack of understanding why people are fascinated by them. This stems from a misconception of the very target demographic these machines …

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Jun 27 2017

July 2017 Xbox Live Games With Gold

Microsoft was super late on on getting out the video for July’s Games With Gold. Not just were they late on it, but they also seem to have been at quite a rush on this as the game selection seems lacking – almost as if Microsoft had gotten so wrapped up in E3 they had …

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Jun 26 2017

The SNES Classic Edition Game List

We might as well take a look at the game list for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic console that’s being released this September; after all, a game system is defined by its games, and the Super Nintendo had an amazing library, to say the least. I won’t beat around the bush with this – …

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Jun 22 2017

Enjoy The Silence

A week ago, there were somewhere around 4 posts a day, as a side effect of E3 going on. Now, a week later, it’s been far more quiet. The reason behind it is quite simple: I’ve been taking some time for myself, trying to enjoy gaming, and just relax. E3 proved this year to be, …

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Jun 15 2017

Metro Exodus – Again, Into The Radioactive Wastes We Go

The Metro games have quite the cult following among fans of the post-apocalyptic genre. While Fallout is the most prominent example of the genre, there are many, many different game series that use similar settings: the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series being my personal favorites. There is a very similar yet still unique series, though, based off a …

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