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Oct 18 2017

The Great GIF Debate Redux


Long time readers will recall sometime in early 2016 I wrote an article titled “The Great GIF Debate” where I laid down my thoughts and points on the pronunciation of the “GIF” file format. Last night I had a friend share a joke image regarding this pronunciation, and when another person chimed in on how …

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Jun 15 2017

The GIF Format Turns 30 Today

In a little bit of news that has the geekier side of the internet smiling, the .gif file format turns 30 today, June 15th, 2017. Yep, the same file format that beings you all those horribly annoying 1 second long looping animations on every buzzfeed top 10 list, the file format that no one wants …

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Feb 04 2016

The Great GIF Debate

Ah GIF, the acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. There is no easier way to start an argument online than to bring up just how you pronounce this acronym. If you ask anyone on the street, they will pronounce it with a hard G, as in the way we say “gift” in English. However, if you …

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