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Oct 10 2017

The Szechuan Sauce Fallout

A few days ago, I wrote 2 articles regarding McDonalds Szechuan sauce and Rick and Morty fans obsession with it. When I wrote the original article, I let loose my thoughts on the sauce being of poor quality and not worth obsessing over. The next day, when the sauce was to be distributed in very …

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Oct 07 2017

Fanbases And Hype Machines – Szechuan Sauce

Last night I wrote an article that was (intentionally) way longer than it needed to be about McDonald’s sauce.The article is both serious and satirical. Serious in that my statements are what I actually think on the subject, but satirical in that the article is taking something pointless way too seriously. It’s just some sauce …

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Oct 06 2017

Let’s Talk About That McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

This Saturday (October 7th), in limited McDonald’s locations, fans of the cartoon Rick and Morty will be able to, if they are lucky, get a packed of the McDonald’s blend of Szechuan sauce, something that hasn’t actually been available since a 1998 promotion for the film Mulan featured it as an optional sauce for use …

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