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May 21 2017

Re: How To Piss Off Someone From Memphis

Oh boy, another one of these X, Y, or Z articles about Memphis! This time, we got “How to Piss Off Someone from Memphis”, an article that, oddly enough, is written by someone who is from but, according to their profile, no longer lives in Memphis. Funny, looking at her profile on the site, it …

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May 05 2017

The Classic Utility Bill Scam Is Back In Memphis

One particular type of scam that’s rather common are ones involving your utilities, mainly electricity,  where they claim you owe a large amount on the bill and you have to pay now. Thing is, you can’t pay with your bank card, they only take cash at an undisclosed location or, to make things simpler, you …

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Apr 16 2017

The Commercial Appeal To No Longer Be Printed In Memphis

Memphis’s primary local newspaper, the Commercial Appeal, will no longer be printed here in Memphis, Tennessee, starting with the April 18th edition. This marks the first time since the Civil War that the paper hasn’t been printed in its home city. This means the end of jobs for 19 people who work at the production …

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Apr 09 2017

HHGregg Is Closing All 220 Stores – This Doesn’t Surprise Me

Home technology store chain HHGregg is closing all of its 220 stores after failing to find a buyer for the now-struggling company. It’s the usual case of a business going into the red financially and filing chapter 11 bankruptcy to try to liquidate all its assets, pay its debts, and maybe restructure and get back …

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Feb 27 2017

Why FYE In Wolfchase Closed – My Thoughts

This article is more for the interest of local people who were fans of this particular FYE store, moreso than the average reader, but I still thought it worth publishing here for what it’s worth in the long run. While I do know people who were involved in the store, everything I propose here in …

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Feb 25 2017

FYE In Wolfchase Closes Today

Today, February 25th, 2017, the FYE store in Wolfchase Mall will close for the final time. Now just a shell of it’s former self, this music and movie store served as a central hub for the hunt for music and movies among most anyone in the area, but was especially popular among anime fans. It …

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Feb 17 2017

A Good Example Of Why Sears Is Failing

Ah Sears. For most Americans, when you think of home appliances or tools, Sears invariably comes to mind. The over century old company used to be the ultimate in providing everything you would need, and then some. Today, it’s nothing more than a shell of its former self, amazingly owned by K-Mart of all companies, …

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Jan 06 2017

It’s Going To Snow, Better Buy Milk And Bread!

It snowed down here in Memphis today. Here in the Mid-South (seriously, that’s what the region is called) snow is usually met with moderate, but reserved panic. People don’t quite know how to drive in it, since it’s usually only an issue a little under once a year, on average. Schools close, stores shut down …

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Dec 31 2016

Re: 27 Things People From Memphis Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners

I finally rediscovered an article, a year later, which I wanted to write about and contrast much like I did the previous Re: 21 Things You Have To Explain to Out-of-Towners About Memphis article. Notice how all these articles, from all these random sites, are so nearly identically written? Funny how these clone websites actually provide …

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Dec 07 2016

Re: 21 Things You Have To Explain to Out-of-Towners About Memphis

This article crossed my radar the other day, and as someone who lives in Memphis, I always find these amusing, at best, at how just plain wrong they are, with regards to me and my life, about opinions on this city. In this case, as the title suggests, it’s things you have to explain to …

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