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Aug 09 2017

Repairing the Melcor 390 Calculator Part 1 – An Exercise In Patience

So, after many many delays, I got the Melcor 390 calculator fixed. Oh, it was an absolute joy to get done soldering the capacitor in and finally seeing the LED’s fire up with “EEE1” and other garbage data, as this little calculator does when it’s first powered up. If you don’t know what I’m talking …

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Feb 24 2017

The Computer Chronicles – Microchip Technology (1983)

In this very early episode of the Computer Chronicles, we take a look at computer chip technology in 1983. 34 years ago 8 and 16 bit CPU’s were dominant, RAM was measured still in the Kilobytes, sometimes megabytes for larger systems, and CMOS was an “emerging technology.” Thousands of transistors on a chip the size …

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