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Nov 29 2017

Skylab: The First 40 Days – 1973 NASA Film

Switching gears just a bit back to space, we have this nice little film from the mid 70’s regarding the first manned Skylab mission. Skylab was the first (and technically only) United States space station, launched in early 1973 on the final Saturn V rocket to fly. The station was actually built from the S-IVB …

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Nov 21 2017

Space Shuttle Missions And Payloads – 1980 NASA Film

Time to go back to the early days of the Space Shuttle program. 1980, in this case, when the first flight was still in the middle of a variety of delays. The Space Shuttle was basically ready, but as luck would have it one thing after another kept the vehicle grounded until April 12th, 1981, …

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Nov 09 2017

The Flight Of Apollo 4 – 1967 NASA Film

I wrote earlier that today marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 4 – the first flight of the Saturn V rocket. This mission was designed to both test the entire Saturn V, but also the Apollo Command Module. Previous Article – 50 Years Ago, The Launch Of Apollo 4 – The First …

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Sep 15 2017

Goodbye Cassini – NASA Film

One last Cassini related post today, we have a short NASA film¬† simply titled “Goodbye Cassini.” It’s just that, too – a short, sweet goodbye to one of the most successful missions in space history. I know, I’ve posted quite a bit already in regards to Cassini today, so this will be the last post …

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Sep 09 2017

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft: A Journey’s End

The Cassini Spacecraft has just 6 days left of it’s mission around Saturn. Really 5 considering it will be early morning on the 15th when it begins its final dive into the planet. This video highlights just a fraction of the amazing images Cassini has taken over the past 13 years around Saturn, as well …

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Jul 22 2017

NASA Saturn S-IV-5 Rocket Testing & Launch – 1964 NASA Informational Film

Here we have a film from the earlier days of Apollo. More correctly, early 1964, after Mercury but before Gemini, we had this historic test of a Saturn 1 vehicle with the first live upper stage. To put this in perspective, when this rocket system, SA-105, was launched and successfully orbited, the S-IV upper stage …

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Jul 19 2017

Project Apollo Guidance and Navigation – 1968 NASA Apollo Digest

This film is a quick, 6 minute look at the navigation and guidance systems of the Apollo spacecraft. Something I noticed is that the film is dated to 1966, but uses footage from what is clearly the Apollo 6 mission, an unmanned Saturn V launch in April of 1968 – my best guess is this …

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Jul 14 2017

Project Mercury Overview – 1960 NASA Film

Project Mercury was the United States first manned space flight program. This film gives a good overview of the Mercurty Spacecraft, it’s launch into orbit on an Atlas Missile, and the training of the Mercury 7 Astronauts for the stresses and demanding requirements of space flight. As it would happen, Project Mercury would have 6 …

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May 10 2017

Apollo Digest: Testing Apollo – 1966 NASA Film

Here we have a quick, 5 minute film clip from 1966, produced by NASA to provide a status update on the Apollo Program. In 1966, as you may recall, we were finishing up the Gemini Program, and the Saturn V rocket was nearing testing completion for it’s first flight, in late 1967, as a test …

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Apr 29 2017

“Nothing So Hidden” – 1972 Apollo 16 NASA Film

45 years ago this past month, from April 16th to April 27th of 1972, the Apollo 16 mission went to, and returned from, the Moon on our 5th successful lunar landing mission. This film goes over the mission in detail, going over key points of the mission and the unique events that happened during the …

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