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Nov 13 2017

Game Player’s Gametape Vol. 1 No. 6: Ultra Games

It’s been a while since we’ve last taken a look at the Game Players Game Tape series. In tape number 6 we have games from the publisher Ultra. Now, this is a funny one – the last tape was Konami games, and this one is Ultra games. Thing about that, for the few of you …

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Nov 11 2017

Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 28: Die Hard – Episode Review

Time for what is considered another classic Angry Video Game Nerd episode, we have James reviewing Die Hard for the NES. Now would be a good time to mention that, for some reason, I’ve still not watched the film Die Hard! I know enough about it though to know what’s going on in the game, …

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Nov 06 2017

The Future Of Nintendo

Ah, Nintendo. The most darling of gaming companies to most any gamer, especially one born between about 1980 and 1995. Nintendo brought gaming back in the United States after the video game crash, and it never really went away. While I’ve, rather hilariously, had people in the past at places I’ve worked seem surprised to …

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Nov 04 2017

Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 27: Silver Surfer – Episode Review

Here we have what is probably one of the most famous Angry Video Game Nerd episodes – Silver Surfer. This has to be one of the most difficult games on the NES. That simple. The game is simply unforgiving, and that aspect is the focus of the episode right from the start.  It seems like …

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Oct 23 2017

The Nintendo Wii Shop Is Shutting Down In 2019

The online shop on the Nintendo Wii is being shut down in an oddly long phase out over 2018 and 2019. For those who don’t know, or have forgotten, the Nintendo Wii shop was a feature of the console where you could buy additional software (Wiiware, as it was known) for the console, as well …

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Oct 14 2017

2 Weeks With The SNES Classic Edition

As the title suggest, I’ve had the SNES Classic Edition for about 2 weeks. That’s been enough time, along with my work schedule and Xadara stuff, to manage to complete everything on Super Mario World and to play all the way through Earthbound. Sure, I’ve touched on a few things – unlocked Star Fox 2 …

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Sep 29 2017

I Got A SNES Classic Edition Console

Thanks to some connections (and the fact that I actually wanted one at launch) I was able to get one of the highly sought after SNES Classic Edition consoles – a small stand alone plug-and-play style console which contains 21 built in games from the 16-bit Super Nintendo, a top tier gaming console back in …

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Sep 21 2017

Update: The SNES Classic Will Be Sold In Quebec After All

News coming in from up north, apparently the SNES Classic Edition will be sold in Quebec after all. Toys R Us Canada and EB Games Canada twitter accounts made mention of this a few days ago, which is good news for everyone in Quebec who wanted to get the console locally. The bad news? Doesn’t …

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Sep 18 2017

Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 23: Ghostbusters: Conclusion – Episode Review

Finally, we reach the end of the Angry Video Game Nerd’s reviews of the various early Ghostbusters games! It only took 3 episodes but clearly this is something James was passionate about. Maybe as a kid he had several of these games and once he got older he discovered that nearly every single Ghostbusters game …

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Sep 12 2017

Nintendo On SNES Classic Availability, And The Return Of The NES Classic In 2018

Okay, we’ve got a double shot of Nintendo news today. Starting off with the news of Nintendo urging those who want the SNES Classic console, due to release later this month, to not pay above the retail price for one – this going hand in hand with Nintendo saying that they will produce more SNES …

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