Jan 17 2018

Delta IV NROL-47 Launch Highlights

Here we have the launch highlights video for the United Launch Alliance Delta IV launch of NROL-47. As is standard for these launch highlights videos, it covers the usual pre-launch preparations, and contains many views of the vehicle which were not shown during the actual launch live stream. It includes some quite beautiful views of …

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Sep 24 2017

NROL-42 Launch Highlights

As always, United Launch Alliance has produced a launch highlights clip for their most recent launch, NROL-42. This classified military payload was launched via an Atlas V booster from Vandeberg Air Force Base in California. The launch highlights clip follows the traditional format of showing the preparation of the booster, rollback of the service towers, …

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Mar 02 2017

NROL-79 Successfully Launched By An Atlas V

Seems like every few months the National Reconnaissance Office is sending another reconnaissance satellite into orbit – yesterday the payload was NROL-79, launched into a polar orbit from Vandeberg Air Force Base on an Atlas V booster in the standard 401 configuration. It was a somewhat early morning launch of a naval reconnaissance satellite. The …

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