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Feb 05 2018

Diverse Interests And Opinions

One of the first things someone simply browsing this site would notice is probably a focus on a few very different subjects. While most websites seem to have a single theme about them, Xadara doesn’t. If you haven’t already read the description of the site, Xadara is, after all “a geeky little blog about nothing …

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Oct 18 2017

It’s Been A Very Busy Month For Space Related Subjects – An Update

I feel like this month has been far more active on the Space subject than previous months for me – that is, on the end of launches and active flights. I’m actually overdue on mentioning a few other launches since they all occurred around the same time as the launches that I have covered – …

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Oct 09 2016

You Asked For It

Social media, by design, is an outlet for people to express themselves, and share their opinions. Anyone with any active social media presence will inevitably see someone, somewhere “complaining” about something, and if you are the average person, it probably annoys you. Hold that thought, for a moment. Them sharing their opinion annoys you, does …

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Jun 01 2015

The Opinion – A Mini Rant

Humans are complex creatures, with complex thought processes. We take in vast amounts of information every moment of our lives. Via comparison and contrast, we eventually form our own views based on this information. We form our opinion based on all of these interactions of information. Simply our thoughts on the summary of data presented …

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